Only 176 days until Christmas!

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does a letter from Santa cost?

This service is absolutely FREE! We don't charge you anything at all. And if you would like more free Christmas stuff, Look at our Christmas Cookie Recipes and Christmas Carol and Song Lyrics.

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Are my details safe?

We only use any details you provide to create the free Santa letter. We don't use them for any other purpose. To stay safe, please do not enter street numbers or surnames.

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Do I need a color printer?

Not necessarily. Although we recommend printing toa color printer, you can also print to a black and white printer if you wish (although it won't look as good!). If you can't print it straight away, you can always save the image to your computer and print it out later. Just right click on the letter and select 'save'. Save the picture as santaletter.jpg Make a note of where on your computer you saved it. Or just bookmark the page!

You can also email the letter to a friend or family member so that they can print it for you. Just copy and paste into an email, or save it to your hard drive and attach it to the email.

Our Letters from Santa are designed to print comfortably on a letter size or A4 size sheet of paper.

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How can I print the Letter from Santa?

Once you have made the letter from Santa, and selected the one you want, choose 'print preview' from your browser's menu. Adjust paper sizes and margins if necessary, choose paper type and print quality if necessary (these Santa Letters print out fine on plain paper at normal quality). Press print.

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Can I email the Letter from Santa?

Yes you can! Save the letter from Santa as santaletter.jpg onto your computer (being careful to remember where you saved it!) by right clicking on the letter and choosing 'Save Picture' (or similar). Or, copy and paste the letter into a new email.

Thank you for visiting our Letter from Santa pages!